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We are able to create unique and distinctive items that will be cherished for generations to come.  At Black Forest Woodworks, we can transform art, digital photos, and custom digitized images into 3D relief carvings in fine hardwoods with the latest woodworking technology.

Our products are made in America with expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality materials. We are always open to designing one of a kind custom pieces and look forward to discussing your ideas.

Use this Custom Project Form to fax or e-mail us with a detailed description of your proposed custom project along with dimensions, inlays, images, recessed and relief carved images, wood type, text engraving, digital pictures, etc. , or you may use the form below.

We will confirm your email and provide you with a tentative electronic model of same along with a projected quote.

Custom projects require a 50% deposit at the time of proposal acceptance and order placement.

Any design changes after original proposal acceptance will require an updated proposal and price quote to be accepted and any additional deposit received before work on the project continues.  The remaining balance on custom projects is due two weeks prior to order completion and shipment.

Signs & Plaques

We work with churches/organizations/individuals looking for distinctive custom signage, plaques, and awards.

 In addition to brass engraving, relief carved images, and inlay, customers can personalize their design with a carved relief profile image of the recipient(s).

From a digital profile (side view) picture, we will immortalize the subject(s) in a custom CNC carving.

We can also digitize a non-copyrighted 3D object within certain size restrictions to create a custom image. Size restrictions for object are: 11” long x 7” wide x 2” high.

Customers interested in copyrighted images (company logos, sports teams, college emblems, etc.) would need to obtain and provide a written release giving us permission to duplicate the copyrighted image for the design of their project.

Pricing for signs/plaques/awards is based on features, materials, and design elements used to create the custom design.

Custom Project Order Form and Quote Request Form
(Downloadable version here)

Please complete as much of the Custom Project Order/Quote Request Form as possible. We will work with you on the details and provide you a quote before starting the project.

Custom Projects are priced on an individual basis. The price quoted will reflect that the project is made in America using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

At Black Forest Woodworks we handcraft each item with attention to detail. We do not mass produce identical products. Please let us know in advance if you have a budgeted project amount.

If you were referred by another business, please list their name and phone number below:

Please let us know if this custom project is a surprise gift so that we may contact you but still keep it a surprise for your special someone!


Referring Business Name
Referring Business Phone#
Custom Project Quote Number

(If you have received a Black Forest Woodworks quote for a custom project, enter the quote number here if you accept the quote and all terms and conditions of same).


Description of project

(i.e. cedar chest, travel altar with carrying cases, custom sign/plaque/award, custom music box, church furnishings, jewelry box, gun case, etc.)


Budgeted project amount

Features and design elements

Indicate what features and design elements you would like to include in this custom project and attach any digital pictures/additional text description (i.e. inlays – brass/wood, recessed images, 3D relief carvings, text engraving, sculptured statues, custom profile reliefs, digitized images, object to be digitized and carved into 3D relief, etc.)
Wood type(s)
Hardware preferences


Date desired

Your Contact Information and Comments

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